Not sure if your pet requires more advanced veterinary care? We can advise and provide referrals.

Urine Checks

Blood in the urine? Straining to pee? Peeing outside the toilet? We can collect your furkid’s urine for testing.


We are here to help with microchipping, vaccinations and health certificates for travel.

Nail clipping

We can help trim your furkid’s nails.

Ear treatment

Dirty and smelly ears? We can check if there is an ear infection and clean your furkid’s ears.

Home Euthanasia

Euthanising your pet at home is one of the kindest ways to let your pet go. We aim to provide a compassionate and peaceful experience.

Dental checks

Bad breath? Trouble eating? Drooling? Loose teeth? We provide dental checks and advice for all dental diseases.

Lump Checks

Not sure if it is a tumour? We advise on what to do and can perform a fine needle aspirate.

Skin Checks

Wounds? Itch? Hair loss? Odour? Dandruff? We can solve your furkid’s skin problems!

Palliative Care

Visits to the clinic can be stressful. We believe in maintaining maximum comfort and quality of life for the seniors even towards the end.

Fluid therapy

Kidney disease? We help administer subcutaneous fluids (under the skin).

Post Surgery Care

We ensure your furkid’s surgery wound heals well, help with bandage changes and administer medication.

Treat Parasites

Fleas, ticks, mites, worms etc. These are not only yucky, they also transmit diseases! We keep your furkid free from them!

Health Checks

Diarrhoea? Vommitting? Not eating or playing as much? Or you just want to make sure all is well?

Kittens and Puppies

Congratulations on the new arrival! We provide health checks and advice to ensure your furkid is healthy!


Protect your pet from infectious diseases! Keep their vaccination up to date! Core and non-core vaccines available.