We were having trouble finding a vet to conduct a last minute euthanasia session (especially since it was a public holiday on Sat and not many vets are open on Sunday) but luckily we were recommended to contact, Dr Forest(Dr Shuling), who was not only available at the last minute to accommodate to our timing, but a vet who also conducted house calls – which was exactly what we wanted as we wanted our furkid to go off peacefully from the comforts of our/his home. During the euthanasia process, Dr Forest was very gentle with our dear Mino the entire time and explained each step very clearly to us. It definitely helped us understand better and assured us that he was in good hands undergoing minimal pain. She also gave us space to say our final goodbyes and was very considerate for our feelings. Had a very good experience with Dr Forest and I highly recommend her for all your pet needs!

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