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Wide range of Veterinary Services


Protect your pet from infectious diseases! Keep their vaccination up to date! Core and non-core vaccines available.

New pet health check

Kittens and Puppies

Congratulations on the new arrival! We provide health checks and advice to ensure your furkid is healthy!

Ear treatment

Health Checks

Diarrhoea? Vommitting? Not eating or playing as much? Or you just want to make sure all is well?

Fleas Ticks Mites

Treat Parasites

Fleas, ticks, mites, worms etc. These are not only yucky, they also transmit diseases! We keep your furkid free from them!

Wound management

Wound management

Post Surgery Care

We ensure your furkid’s surgery wound heals well, help with bandage changes and administer medication.

Subcutaneous fluid

Fluid therapy

Kidney disease? We help administer subcutaneous fluids (under the skin).

Home Euthanasia

Palliative Care

Visits to the clinic can be stressful. We believe in maintaining maximum comfort and quality of life for the seniors even towards the end.


Skin Checks

Wounds? Itch? Hair loss? Odour? Dandruff? We can solve your furkid’s skin problems!

Lumps & Bumps

Wound management

Lump Checks

Not sure if it is a tumour? We advise on what to do and can perform a fine needle aspirate.

Dental Checks

Dental checks

Bad breath? Trouble eating? Drooling? Loose teeth? We provide dental checks and advice for all dental diseases.

End of life care

Home Euthanasia

Euthanising your pet at home is one of the kindest ways to let your pet go. We aim to provide a compassionate and peaceful experience.

Ear treatment

Ear treatment

Dirty and smelly ears? We can check if there is an ear infection and clean your furkid’s ears.

Nail clipping

Wound management

Nail clipping

We can help trim your furkid’s nails.

Export Pet


We are here to help with microchipping, vaccinations and health certificates for travel.

Joint injections

Urine Checks

Blood in the urine? Straining to pee? Peeing outside the toilet? We can collect your furkid’s urine for testing.



Not sure if your pet requires more advanced veterinary care? We can advise and provide referrals.

Happy Pets!



“Brought my kitten to Dr Forest as it had inappropriate urine marking and diarrhoea. Dr Forest was so gentle and patient with both me and my kitten and gave such an accurate diagnosis. The medication prescribed worked like a charm from the start. Dr Forest even called 3 days after to follow up! A very caring and professional vet with a big heart!”
– Yvonne Chan


“Dr Forest is super lovely and caring! ???? I love how she genuinely showed concern for my dog’s well being. Would highly recommend!! ”
– Lynn Chen

Happy Client

Long Jing

“Dr Forest saved my 3-year old Ragdoll, LJ! By the time I brought LJ to Dr Forest, he was already unresponsive, limp, and had dilated eyes. LJ had high fever for 8 days, visited another senior vet twice, did multiple blood tests, was rushed to A&E the night before and was basically given a death sentence.
Dr Forest researched heavily into LJ’s case which turned out to be a rare disease called Toxoplasmosis. Dr Forest treated LJ who showed signs of improvement from the very next day! Today, he has fully recovered and is back to his affectionate self! Nothing has changed, still a fussy eater!
My heartfelt appreciation to Dr Forest who went beyond the call of duty to save LJ. She is very professional, empathetic, patient, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares! She also followed up with LJ daily during that period. To us, she is God sent! LJ will not be around today if not for her.”
– Yasmin Tan

Recommended dog vet


“Thanks to Dr Forest for taking good care of Teddy when he was hospitalized for a day! She is very professional, friendly, detailed, caring and gentle to my dog.”
– Lee ZY

Singapore Special


“Dr Forest very patiently taught me how to clean my dog’s ears. This is the first time that a vet had bothered to take the time to do what most others would leave to the nurses. Thank you for educating me and wanting the best for my dog.”
– Alex Yeo

Customer Review


“Dr Forest is such a caring and professional vet. She was able to do a house call to the quarantine centre last minute when I was sick worried about my cat. She managed to address my cat’s anxiety issue, gave suitable treatment and recommendation. She’s also very patient at answering our questions. Will definitely look for her when our fur babies need medical help again!.”
– Lee Yee


“My family first brought our dog to Dr Goh a few months ago and our experience with her has been fantastic. She takes the time to explain things thoroughly so we can make informed decisions and is always happy to answer any of our queries. Seeing her interact with Smudgy during the consultation reassured me that he was in safe hands because I knew she wanted the best for him too! I definitely recommend Dr Goh and will continue bringing both our dogs to her for regular checkups! ????
– Ashley Maria Siau

Home Euthanasia


“Dr Goh is patient and knowledgeable. We had to euthanize our cat, Charcoal. She did not rush us at any point of the process. This allowed us to take it slow as it is really hard to say goodbye. Most cat owners shared that their greatest regret is rushing through euthanasia process without adequate time to say goodbye. I’m glad we chose home euthanasia and met Dr Goh. She is passionate about her work and definitely a doctor you can trust.
– Lee Ee Khim & Chris Goh


“My experience at happy vet has been extremely pleasant. Dr Forest has been our go-to vet as she treats our two dogs with utmost care. Our first dog, cookie, a 6 year old corgi had an aural hematoma and ear infection. Dr forest not only performed the surgery to remove the liquid in cookie’s ear, but also patiently taught us how to clean cookie’s ear regularly.

Additionally, our second, 5 year old corgi Skyler had a lump on his belly. After contacting happy vet, we were greeted with an immediate response and Dr Forest even offered to do a house call as Skyler was unwell. We were given thorough instructions to ensure that Skyler was in optimal condition before the surgery. Even through Skyler’s recovery period, we received constant check-ins from happy vet to ensure his smooth recovery. Overall, Dr Forest has been extremely competent in taking care of our dogs and has constantly treated us with warmth and kindness through our many vet visits.”
– Andre Lee

Euthanasia Vet


“We were having trouble finding a vet to conduct a last minute euthanasia session (especially since it was a public holiday on Sat and not many vets are open on Sunday) but luckily we were recommended to contact, Dr Forest(Dr Shuling), who was not only available at the last minute to accommodate to our timing, but a vet who also conducted house calls – which was exactly what we wanted as we wanted our furkid to go off peacefully from the comforts of our/his home.
During the euthanasia process, Dr Forest was very gentle with our dear Mino the entire time and explained each step very clearly to us. It definitely helped us understand better and assured us that he was in good hands undergoing minimal pain. She also gave us space to say our final goodbyes and was very considerate for our feelings.
Had a very good experience with Dr Forest and I highly recommend her for all your pet needs!.”
– Jacintha Lim

Indian Vet


“I have liked Dr Forest Facebook page for some time but engaged her services in December 2020. What we liked most about Dr Forest is that she offers very detailed explanation in our phonecalls to discuss our pet’s (Baby) condition. She has been very helpful in recommending and speeding up Baby’s vet appointment. Her responsiveness on WhatsApp, comprehensive consultations, professional, honest, reasonable fees and her genuine care and concern for Baby are what we love about Dr Forest. What makes her stand out among other vets is that Dr Forest was always available and attending to our pet’s needs although Baby’s consultation has ended several days ago without expecting any form of payment for her after-service! This is an exemplary service which we have not experienced before from any other vets we have consulted previously. Thank you so much Dr Forest and we will always be grateful to you for whatever you have done for us and Baby!”
– Vanan & Komala