Home Euthanasia


We believe that every pet is entitled to a good death.

Dr Goh Shuling (@Dr Forest) has undergone CAETA’s Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy Master Program and CAETA’s Peaceful Euthanasia Master Veterinarian Certification. She is certified by CAETA to provide a professional, peaceful and good death for your pet.

Our euthanasias are pain-free, gentle, kind and peaceful.

Please contact us at 8877 6607 to find out how we can help your beloved pet.

Prices start from  $300 (Hamsters), $400 (Rabbits) and $490 (Dogs and Cats).

We are also able to provide recommendations for cremations.

Caeta vet certification

Speak to us before deciding

Saying goodbye is never easy and should be a last resort. So please speak to us before making the decision.

If the inevitable becomes necessary, we will see you through it all, as we understand the pain and heartbreak you will go through.


Comfort for your furkid

What your furkid needs most during such final moments is maximum comfort and privacy.

The home environment provides the much needed familiarity, love and peace; free from the stress associated with a vet clinic or transportation process.

We aim to make saying goodbye a tad easier.


Privacy for you

Saying goodbye should be a private moment between you and your furkid; an emotional time.

We will provide that space you need to grieve during and after these final moments.


What to Expect

You get to decide who you will like to be present to share the final moments together.

We will explain the process to you, obtain your consent for the euthanasia before we begin the procedure, and advise you on the aftercare options such as group or private cremations.

We will see you through, every step of the way.