Long Jing

Dr Forest saved my 3-year old Ragdoll, LJ! By the time I brought LJ to Dr Forest, he was already unresponsive, limp, and had dilated eyes. LJ had high fever for 8 days, visited another senior vet twice, did multiple blood tests, was rushed to A&E the night before and was basically given a death sentence. Dr Forest researched heavily into LJ’s case which turned out to be a rare disease called Toxoplasmosis. Dr Forest treated LJ who showed signs of improvement from the very next day! Today, he has fully recovered and is back to his affectionate self! Nothing has changed, still a fussy eater! My heartfelt appreciation to Dr Forest who went beyond the call of duty to save LJ. She is very professional, empathetic, patient, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares! She also followed up with LJ daily during that period. To us, she is God sent! LJ will not be around today if not for her.

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