My experience at happy vet has been extremely pleasant. Dr Forest has been our go-to vet as she treats our two dogs with utmost care. Our first dog, cookie, a 6 year old corgi had an aural hematoma and ear infection. Dr Forest not only performed the surgery to remove the liquid in cookie’s ear, but also patiently taught us how to clean cookie’s ear regularly.

Additionally, our second, 5 year old corgi Skyler had a lump on his belly. After contacting happy vet, we were greeted with an immediate response and Dr Forest even offered to do a house call as Skyler was unwell. We were given thorough instructions to ensure that Skyler was in optimal condition before the surgery. Even through Skyler’s recovery period, we received constant check-ins from happy vet to ensure his smooth recovery. Overall, Dr Forest has been extremely competent in taking care of our dogs and has constantly treated us with warmth and kindness through our many vet visits.

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