My dog, Truffles, had been experiencing a very upset tummy with action at both ends around the clock and I decided it was time for the vet.

Truffles is very anxious about going places, in particular visiting the vet. As she was feeling so sick, I really didn’t want to add anxiety plus a car trip on top of it. So, a house call seemed like the best option.

Happy Vet was so easy to organise, within a few minutes the house call was arranged. Dr Forest arrived on time and let me know her progress en route.

Dr Forest really took her time with the very anxious patient. She was so caring and thorough and just so kind. Truffles received such great care and Dr Forest talked us through all the meds and ensured we understood all instructions. She also ran through some really helpful tips for general care.

I am absolutely delighted with the care Truffles received, she’s so much better and I feel comfortable reaching out to Dr Forest if anything changed. As the owner of 3 dogs, vet visits are commonplace- our experience with Happy Vet was absolutely wonderful and I’ll definitely be using the service in the future.

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